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Publishing Project

Publishing News

The J.G. Bennett Foundation continues the task of putting all of John Bennett’s written work in print form. At present the list includes 43 titles which comprises those books which Bennett wrote direct for print, those books which are formed form transcripts of his lectures and which he himself edited and prepared for publication, and lastly those titles which were prepared after his death by other editors, from written work and recorded transcripts. At present we have 19 titles in print. (1)

Bennett’s most important work is undoubtedly The Dramatic Universe and everybody who aspires to learn from Bennett’s teaching should make themselves thoroughly familiar with this extraordinary work, which if studied diligently will prove to be as transformational a study as Gurdjieff’s Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson.

All four volumes of The Dramatic Universe as a set are currently available only from our website.

Current Project

Republication of Dramatic Universe Volume I - The Foundations of Natural Philosophy The first unabridged print edition of the Dramatic Universe Vol. I since 1956. This is a major undertaking for the J.G. Bennett Foundation; the publication will be released shortly with subsequent volumes to follow.


By 2015, the majority of J.G. Bennett’s written work was out of print, and the family made the decision to use print-on-demand technology to produce the current Collected Works Series. In the following mostly chronological list, titles originally written for publication are indicated in bold type; the titles edited by Bennett are in italics and the remainder in regular type.

The Collected Works:

(1) January 2018


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