Gurdjieff International Symposium The title of this meeting is Gurdjieff International Symposium, and the title is intended to emphasize the  all-inclusive and global nature of the Gurdjieff’s work and teaching. Our purpose is to consider all that we know connected with the name of Gurdjieff – his work in general, his significance in the world today, and its implications for future. In order to this we need first to consider the man himself, the teachings he left for future generations. GURDJIEFF: THE MAN The historical narrative can be broken into four parts: The period before 1912, of which the unverifiable […]

Masters of Wisdom, chapter 4, “The Time of Christ” – read by: George Bennett

In August 1974, near the end of the third Basic Course at Sherborne, and just a few months before his death, JG Bennett fulfilled a prophecy made by Gurdjieff at his table in 1949: “One day Mr. Bennett will give a conference on the Last Supper, and many people will be thankful to him.” This ‘conference’ formed the basis for Chapter Four in The Masters of Wisdom – now published as a sound file on this website – and I am fortunate to have been among the people who heard it. To understand the context of Bennett’s talk it may […]

The Hazards of Human Society

JG Bennett Undated (Excerpts from a talk by J.G. Bennett – undated. Published in the Enneagram, #5, April 1976. This and related talks by J.G. Bennett will soon be published by Coombe Springs Press under the title “Hazard; Transformation of Man Series Number 6)   Human Societies are hazardous; they prosper and fall, degenerate and change into something different from how they began. First of all, there are the Hazards of power, which include the hazards of succession and of success. Societies are often established by a powerful person or group, or through the action, of powerful idea acting on […]


ALL THE INFORMATION My retreats for health and wellbeing are built on a foundation of twenty years experience as an acupuncturist and practitioner within the oriental medicine concept or spirit of Yang Sheng, meaning Nourishing Life and forty five years experience of meditation, study and inner exercises taught to me at the International Academy for Continuous Education, Sherborne, Gloucestershire in the UK under the direction of J.G. Bennett. It’s a personal retreat.   You choose when you want to come and how long you want to stay. You choose what treatments you would like to have, what workshops you would like to do, what […]

Skills for Life Course August 5 – 13, 2017 and August 13-20, 2017

Skills for Life Skills-for-Lifesummer courseAugust, 2017Royalston, Massachusetts An immersive program for young adults”to create a more meaningful life” August 5-13Introductory week August 13-20Optional part two and alumni week Camp Caravan, Royalston, Massachusetts, USA Access a wider range of skills and practices than provided by conventional education We warmly invite you to join the 2017 Skills-for-Life residential program at Camp Caravan, for young adults ages eighteen and over. Participate in hands-on classes in gardening, cooking, and carpentry, with equally practical work on understanding our own natures. Through art, mindfulness techniques, meditation, movement, and community living, gain a better understanding of your […]

J.G. Bennett ~ 120th Anniversary ~ June 8, 1897

The picture of JGB with his hand under his chin always makes me smile, as I remember where and when it was taken. Hodder & Stoughton the publishers wanted a dust jacket portrait for Vol. 3 of Dramatic Universe, but we were in North Wales for the summer in 1965, so JGB went to a High Street photography shop in Pwllheli. I think the result is a very honest picture, as the photographer knew nothing at all about his subject and just made a straight studio portrait. Today is the 120th anniversary of JGBs birth. I remembered recently that he […]


Excerpt: Intimations Talks with J.G. Bennett at Beshara Chapter: Suffering; page 59 “In the Sermon on the Mount we are told ‘Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, pray for them that despitefully use you and that persecute you’. This is ordinarily taken to be a requirement of humility, accepting injustice, of being compassionate and kind to people, and various virtues that are connected with this. But in reality, it is, like everything in the Sermon on the Mount, a practical counsel for living. Without enemies, we should have no chance.Perhaps the most important creation was the Devil. How […]

Meeting on September 9 1948 ~ Gurdjieff

Meeting on September 9, 1948 GURDJIEFF Livingston Hall, London UK J.G. Bennett About sixty years ago a small group of people came together in the Caucasus to study two questions: firstly, to verify or disprove the reality of what are sometimes called supernatural or super- normal phenomena and, secondly, to enquire whether the traditional knowledge about such phenomena which were supposed to exist in the East still existed and could be found. Out of this gradually a society formed which took the name ‘Seekers of the Truth’. That group grew to something like forty members at its maximum and comprised […]

The Distinction Between Sensing and Feeling

The Distinction Between Sensing and FeelingJ. G. BennettThursday, 17 March 1949 Livingstone Hall There is one thing I advise you all to work on persistently until you have mastered it, and that is the distinction between sensing and feeling. This is one of the foundations of the practical method which Mr. Gurdjieff is now giving people to help them in their work, and there are many things which cannot be done until you are able to make this distinction in your own immediate experience; he calls this the distinction between “je” and “moi”, between “me” and “myself”. By “je” we […]

December 13, 1974 ~ On The Death of Mr. Bennett

On The Death of Mr. BennettFourth Year Sherborne StudentsFriday, December 13, 1974(Published in The Enneagram # 9 – January 1977) I wrote this three days after Mr. Bennett’s death and for the present article have translated it from the German. Mr. Bennett is dead. For many people this is a deep wound in their lives as it was for me.So far it was simple, nothing more was asked but to follow, since anything he said, anything one could perceive, felt right, deep inside. Love of consciousness evokes the same. His presence filled this house, without imperatives, without the use of […]

Extracts from a Seminar

J.G. BennettUndated(Published in The Enneagram #9, January 1977)This is what really attracted me to Gurdjieff’s teaching years ago: From the beginning, it was plain that this was an account of a mutual need, of a need the spiritual has for the natural that is as great as the natural has for the spiritual. Of course, it is said by mystics that God would not be God without me, but there is something more than this, the awareness that we are a necessary part because we are so created that we can become a necessary part of the word because there […]

Gurdjieff Movements Retreat Corfu June 2017

Gurdjieff Movements Retreat Corfu Friends, I would like to send you a reminder about the Gathering that Avrom and Deborah, with Melanie on the piano, will conduct in Corfu Buddha Hall during June 2017. There is an Early Bird discount until the 31st December. Please do not hesitate to write to me for more details: [email protected] Here are some info: Global Gurdjieff Movements Gathering June 3rd to June 10th, 2017 Corfu Buddha Hall, Greece conducted by Avrom Altman, Deborah Rose Longo with Pianist Melanie Monsour 🌿🌿🌿🌿 Inner work will be emphasized while working with the Gurdjieff Movements. It supports […]

The Dramatic Universe ~ Commentary by: A.G.E. Blake

 Undated(Published in The Enneagram #6, June 1976)The publication of The Dramatic Universe (Vol. I, 1956; Vol. II, 1961; Vol. III, 1966; and Vol. IV, 1966) was one of the major intellectual events of this century and, in keeping with all major events, passed almost unnoticed by the world at large. There were people interested in personal transformation who found the language too difficult and the writing too condensed. There were others who had the necessary intellectual equipment but were locked in one or other specialist viewpoint that prevented access to the vision that was put in front of them. Bennett […]


OTHER PEOPLE By J. G. Bennett(This is an excerpt from a talk J.G. Bennett gave on 17th November 1963. Published in the Enneagram #3, October 1975.) I want to direct your attention to some of the ways in which other people affect our own inner development. What happens inside us, the transformation that we hope and believe is going on within each one of us; we can think of as private and connected with other people only through our outward relations. The idea that our inner development is first of all a private matter and only in a second degree […]


POSTSCRIPT; MR. GURDJIEFF’S LIFEBryn Thring Undated(Published in The Enneagram # 7, September 1976) Various things suggest that Mr. Gurdjieff had medical training. It is reported that during Mr. Bennett’s first 1948 visit to him in Paris, G. said he had studied medicine and taken his degree, and that he had always kept his interest in medicine. During a later conversation, he told Mr. Bennett that he was at the Tiflis seminary at the same time as Stalin. Stalin was born 21st December l879, and was at the seminary from age 14 till expelled on 29 May 1899; according to a […]