The Masters of Wisdom: quote

“ We human beings have a deep awareness, deeper than egoism itself, of our kinship with nature. We feel that creativity without love is daemonic, but we are forced to recognise that love has no power to overcome egoism. Life on earth is threatened today, not by man’s failure to love his fellow-man, but by his inability to love at all. Love untainted by egoism is to be found only in the rarest of the rare. ” The Masters of Wisdom J.G. Bennett Chapter 4 The time of Christ The Masters of Wisdom

Quote from the Dramatic Universe Vol I

(click image for a larger view) “It is now possible to define three gradations of true individuality. The first is that in which the entity can be conscious of its own genetic constitution and direct its activity according to this awareness. This is the individuality which consists in ableness-to-be oneself. The second gradation is that in which there is awareness of the specific pattern. In this case the entity is able to direct his activity not only according to his own genetic constitution, but also according to the pattern of potentialities that belongs to the entire species of which he […]

The Hazards of Human Society

JG Bennett Undated (Excerpts from a talk by J.G. Bennett – undated. Published in the Enneagram, #5, April 1976. This and related talks by J.G. Bennett will soon be published by Coombe Springs Press under the title “Hazard; Transformation of Man Series Number 6)   Human Societies are hazardous; they prosper and fall, degenerate and change into something different from how they began. First of all, there are the Hazards of power, which include the hazards of succession and of success. Societies are often established by a powerful person or group, or through the action, of powerful idea acting on […]


Excerpt: Intimations Talks with J.G. Bennett at Beshara Chapter: Suffering; page 59 “In the Sermon on the Mount we are told ‘Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, pray for them that despitefully use you and that persecute you’. This is ordinarily taken to be a requirement of humility, accepting injustice, of being compassionate and kind to people, and various virtues that are connected with this. But in reality, it is, like everything in the Sermon on the Mount, a practical counsel for living. Without enemies, we should have no chance.Perhaps the most important creation was the Devil. How […]