December 13, 1974 ~ On The Death of Mr. Bennett

On The Death of Mr. BennettFourth Year Sherborne StudentsFriday, December 13, 1974(Published in The Enneagram # 9 – January 1977) I wrote this three days after Mr. Bennett’s death and for the present article have translated it from the German. Mr. Bennett is dead. For many people this is a deep wound in their lives as it was for me.So far it was simple, nothing more was asked but to follow, since anything he said, anything one could perceive, felt right, deep inside. Love of consciousness evokes the same. His presence filled this house, without imperatives, without the use of […]

The Dramatic Universe ~ Commentary by: A.G.E. Blake

 Undated(Published in The Enneagram #6, June 1976)The publication of The Dramatic Universe (Vol. I, 1956; Vol. II, 1961; Vol. III, 1966; and Vol. IV, 1966) was one of the major intellectual events of this century and, in keeping with all major events, passed almost unnoticed by the world at large. There were people interested in personal transformation who found the language too difficult and the writing too condensed. There were others who had the necessary intellectual equipment but were locked in one or other specialist viewpoint that prevented access to the vision that was put in front of them. Bennett […]


POSTSCRIPT; MR. GURDJIEFF’S LIFEBryn Thring Undated(Published in The Enneagram # 7, September 1976) Various things suggest that Mr. Gurdjieff had medical training. It is reported that during Mr. Bennett’s first 1948 visit to him in Paris, G. said he had studied medicine and taken his degree, and that he had always kept his interest in medicine. During a later conversation, he told Mr. Bennett that he was at the Tiflis seminary at the same time as Stalin. Stalin was born 21st December l879, and was at the seminary from age 14 till expelled on 29 May 1899; according to a […]

Gurdjieff: Making a New World ~ 2016

Gurdjieff: Making a New World ~ 2016 Introduction: Ben Bennett, July 2016 I am not going to include this article in any JGB publication as it represents no more than my own thoughts after working carefully through his book over the past three months. When Bennett began work on this book, he was deeply involved with the work of his friend and mentor Hasan Shushud. Through Shushud’s books and from discussions and correspondence with him, Bennett developed an absorbing interest in the work of the Khwajagan masters of the 11th -14th centuries in Central Asia. In 1972 he began work on a projected […]

Conscience by George Bennett – July 28, 1988

Conscience by George Bennett – July 28, 1988  ©George Bennett 2016This talk and discussion took place on July 28, 1988, as part of the Annual Eight-Day Seminar held in Cave Junction, Oregon. The seminar was sponsored by the Pacific Institute for the Study of the Humanities. (Published in Impressions, Summer 1989) George Cornelius has proposed as the theme for this seminar “Maintaining My Vessel.” Tonight I want to ask the question, “For what?” Or even more strongly, “So what?” What do we think this Work is for? What difference does it make? Does it matter if I acquire higher being […]

MULLA NASSR EDDIN – In Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson, Ben Bennett

April 2016  After years of hearing about the A & E conference, and hearing about how dry it usually was, and how academic, I happened to meet John Amaral, and he mentioned that he was organizing the next one, and would I consider presenting something? In response, I asked him whose name appeared in Beelzebub more than any other? Of course he could not answer me right off, but it is not a trick question; aside from the three interlocutors – Beelzebub, Hassein and Ahoon – the name which appears most often – and also in the second and third […]

Bennett and Higher Worlds

J.G. BENNETT AND HIGHER WORLDS Ben Bennett   John Bennett is known as a transmitter of Gurdjieff’s teachings, as a pioneer of coal research, mathematician, linguist; as a seeker of wisdom, as a maverick risk-taking adventurer. But in his last years with students at the International Academy for Continuous Education at Sherborne, Gloucestershire, he showed that he was first and foremost as a teacher of experimental thinking. Bennett pointed out that certain words and notions in common use – as for example: God, Love, Faith, Will, Consciousness, Reality – can in actuality neither be expressed in words nor even comprehended […]


Conscience”Conscience “January 26, 2015 There have been several versions of this transcript over the past 40 years, and a shortened version has been published in the most recent issue of “Parabola” magazine. Here is the full transcript of all three sessions. CONSCIENCE J.G. Bennett, Sherborne House Foreword: In the Fall of 1971, John Bennett inaugurated the International Academy for Continuous Education at Sherborne House, Gloucestershire, England. From that time until his death three and half years later, he worked with groups of up to 90 students who enrolled for ten month courses, in a residential school environment. The organization and […]

Newsletter Article by: Ben Bennett

I was struck by a statement Mr. Bennett made in “Gurdjieff: Making a New World” (Chapter 3): “I think Gurdjieff uses the story of Ashiata Shiemash not only to underline the central significance of conscience in his message to humanity, but also to suggest that he has no confidence in any kind of occult ‘action at a distance’.  People are to be helped by actions that they can understand and, in due course, produce for themselves.”   The phrase “occult action at a distance” particularly reminded me of the statement in Third Series, Prologue, which definitely seems to describe “occult action […]