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Camp Caravan Summer Seminar ~ June 24 – July 3, 2016

June 24–July 3, 2016 Camp Caravan Summer Seminar

Camp Caravan Summer Seminar 2016

Why are we here?

Contact:   Camp Caravan Summer Programs 
or call the Registrar at 978-939-8616
June 24–July 3, 2016
Royalston, Massachusetts, USA

Who sends the mind to wander afar?
Who first drives life to start on its journey?
Who impels us to utter these words?

When we begin to question, especially ourselves, we challenge the prison of comfort and habit that keeps us asleep, that keeps us from seeing the predicament we are in. Bring questions, questions that arise from your search.

Beginning with dinner on Friday, June 24th, and ending mid-morning on Sunday, July 3rd, we will work with the arts, gardening, Gurdjieff movements, inner exercises, meditation, practical physical work, themes, and shared meals.

All inclusive tuition for the seminar:
Adults — $450
Students (flexible) — $300
18 and under — Free

Please send a $250 deposit by June 1 to:
Treasurer, MREC, Camp Caravan,
255 South Royalston Road
Royalston, MA 01368

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